Certified Organic Herb starters are in 4 inch pots.

$3.75 each or any 3 herbs for $10.  Please Email your request to  NaturesPeaceGarden@gmail.com and  we will respond regarding a pick-up date.

DescriptionImage of Mature Plant
Basil – Cinnamon – Annual
Flavor is of intense basil with a note of mint, anise, and cinnamon. Use in drinks, salads, soups, pasta, and desserts. Flowers are also edible and beautiful in flower bouquets.
Basil - Genovese - Annual
Italian heirloom. Large, tender dark green leaves that are great for pesto. Harvest often to encourage new growth and delay blooming.
SOLD OUT Basil - Thai – Annual
Anise-clove flavor. Popular in Southeast Asian cuisine. Also delicious when added to salads. Flowers are edible and beautiful in bouquets.
Catnip - Perennial
The herb that cats love! Harvest often to keep the foliage producing. Can be used fresh or dried. Comes back next year.
SOLD OUT Cilantro - Annual
Popular for Mexican cuisine – a must for salsa and chili recipes. If you let it go to seed, you can harvest the coriander.
Apple Mint - Perennial
Delicious and aromatic with a subtle spearmint scent and flavor. My favorite for refreshing summer drinks or Moroccan tea. Grow in a pot as mint spreads very quickly in the ground.
SOLD OUT Oregano - Perennial
Heirloom from Italy. Large-leaved variety with white flowers. Use either fresh or dried in chili, tomato sauce, meats, and pizza. Flowers are edible.
SOLD OUT Sage- Extrakta – Perennial
Broad, dusty green leaves with a savory flavor. Used in poultry stuffing and to season meat. Beautiful edible purple flowers in summer. Harvest often to encourage new growth
SOLD OUT Stevia - Annual
Leaves are 30 times sweeter than sugar. Wonderful in summer minty drinks. Leaves taste best prior to the plant blooming and are sweetest in the cool temperatures of autumn. Dried leaves can be saved, crushed, and used to sweeten food and beverages.
Tarragon - Annual
Sweet licorice flavor brightens salads and main dishes. This Mexican tarragon thrives in hot climates where French tarragon will not grow. Flowers are edible and make a great garnish.
Thyme – German Winter – Perennial
Low growing, evergreen perennial that is great for flavoring sauces, meats, and bean dishes.