Certified Organic Tomato starters are in  quart pots.

Plants are  $4.75 each or 3 for $13.  Please Email your request to  NaturesPeaceGarden@gmail.com  and  we will respond regarding a pick-up date.

All tomato  starters are Indeterminate varieties unless otherwise indicated

Indeterminate: Plants produce fruit throughout the entire season.

Determinate: Plants produce fruit all at once and then  the plants die. Useful if  canning.


DescriptionImage of Fruit
Andrew Rahart’s Jumbo Red
Italian heirloom.6-14 oz beefsteak tomatoes with old-fashioned tomato flavors. Crack resistant.
Black Cherry
Floridian heirloom. 1 in. dusky purple-black fruit
Rich sweet dynamic flavor. High yielding plants
Black From Tula
Heirloom from Tula Russia. Produces 8-12 oz purplish fruits with green shoulders. Delicious rich, smoky flavor. High yields. One of the best flavored dark tomatoes!
Blondkopfchen Cherry
East German heirloom. 1” golden yellow fruits in very large clusters. Excellent sweet flavor with rarely a cracked fruit. Enormous yields.
Brandywine OTV
A potato-leaf heirloom that resulted from a cross between a Yellow Brandywine and an unknown red tomato. This red Brandywine has a smooth texture and harmonious sweet flavor. Large fruit and sets fruit well in the South. Yield is often better than other Brandywines.

Note: OTV stands for Off The Vine, which was an heirloom tomato newsletter once published by the tomato expert Craig LeHoullier
Bumble Bee Purple
Heirloom from California. 1” purple/black cherry tomatoes with green striping. Delightful, complex flavor with a touch of sweetness. Crack resistant.
Award-winning dark, purple tomato with complex flavor. 10-14 oz fruit. Occasional concentric cracking, but the flavor makes up for it. Bigger than Cherokee Purple.
Cherokee Purple
Heirloom from the Cherokee Indians. Dark purple beefsteak with green shoulders. 6-16 oz. Delicious sweet, rich, smoky flavor.
Granny Cantrell’s
Seeds were given to Lettie Cantrell from a WW2 veteran returning from Germany. Award-winning, pink, beefsteak sized fruits. Sweet, yet rich flavor makes it a great sandwich tomato. Wispy vines are normal.
Matt’s Wild Cherry
Teresa Arellanos de Mena brought the seed to Maine from her family in Mexico. Small deep red cherry tomatoes have a sweet, intense flavor. Plants produce hundreds of fruits and are somewhat resistant to disease.
Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter
W. Virginia heirloom from 1930s. Large 1-3 lb. pink-red beefsteak fruit
Sweet and rich
Rose de Berne
Swiss heirloom. Medium-sized dark pink fruit with rich sweetness. Fedco tomato trial winner. Some late blight resistance.
Shenghaung Cherry
Heirloom from China. Abundant beautiful 1” red cherry tomatoes. Sweet, but slightly tart flavors.
Heirloom from Czech Republic. Prolific 2 inch red, round tomatoes. Very flavorful. Blight resistant.
Southern Night - Determinate
Russian heirloom. 12-16 oz. purple-brown tomatoes with green shoulders. Bold, rich, complex flavors. Potato leaf foliage. Good disease resistance.